First Blog

I plan to use this blog to share information about my preparation for and eventual hike of the Appalachian Trail, starting in March, 2009 if all goes well.  Please visit for more information.  Both my website and this blog are works in progress.  If you like, please email me any comments, suggestions, or thoughts.


Thank You,



Mike Hanson



One Response to “First Blog”

  1. Betty Strasser Says:

    Hi Mike.
    This is great!
    I can’t wait to keep up with your progress. Do you have web access on your cell? you could blog along the way…somehow…or maybe get a really small lap top to hide in your camping gear [they make them that small, I’m sure! haha] and each night you could post an update.
    My son, Sean, was born blind. He’s three, and if he follows in his dad’s footsteps, he’ll be hiking, camping, hunting and fishing in no time. 😀
    Merry Christmas!
    hope Santa brings you thermal underwear.

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