We are currently at NOC. We need to bypass the Smokeys because of unusually deep snow and ice conditions, particularly at higher elevations. We will hike them after we finish up in Maine. We need to ask that users read references to sponsors as people who were kind enough to give us gifts.


8 Responses to “”

  1. lisa Says:

    Great job! We are truly with you in spirit. I will use any of your sponsors I can to thank them for their support!

  2. Bob Says:

    Where is NOC? I’m trying to follow your hike on an AT map, but can’t locate NOC. I asume it’s near the Georgia/North Carolina border somewhere. Sorry that the weather is not cooperating. I’m pulling for you and very impressed with the courage and determination you are showing. Keep on keepin’ on!

  3. Joanne Chack Says:

    You go Mike! Alyssa and I are thinking of you every step of the way! Hope to meet you at the Delaware Water Gap/Sunfish Pond in New Jersey! Whoo Hoo!

  4. Trailweaver Says:

    Been worried about you as you went a long time without posting and it was pretty cold for a while up there. Glad to hear you’re making progress but sad to hear you had to skip the Smokies. Can you try to post a little more often and maybe give a little more information when you post? Lots of people are checking in on you and pulling for you.

  5. Lee Perry Says:

    It sound like our are progressing quite well. After reading this post, I called my friend,Stumpknocker, and asked him how long it took him to hike from Woody Gap to NOC. Stumpknocker said it would take him 6days of FAST walking to cover that part of the AT. I must tell you, he has hiked the AT about 5 times and regularly runs and ride a bicycle long distance.

  6. tom Says:

    mike i am visually impaired and did about 25 percent of the trail maybe 15 years ago. i traveled the world and other stuff for 3 years. i wish i was out there. i am fat now and just work. i would love to get back to what you are doing.
    be cool and contact me if you wish.

  7. jim ladner Says:

    hope that hte weathr is better whereever you are. Last that located your communication you were at NOC You and gary have met many new friends that have extended support to your hike. Each time that you meet new admirers, give a brief explanation as how important your NOKIA n82 is to your hike. While you are stopped from promoting a product, might as well give a verbal description one by one.

    I hope that it is warmer and not as much rain.


  8. Nick Altringer Says:

    Hey Mike,

    I hope you can get back on the trail soon. How is it going? I look forward to future updates.

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