Please accept my apologies for not posting this earlier. I thought this post had already gone through. I finished my hike of the AT and returned home on October 2. I had to cut it a little short to take advantage of a business opportunity. I have been invited to join a startup company that will produce assistive technology to provide real time information to persons with visual impairments currently unavailable to us. That has kept me fairly busy. I will try to keep you posted more regularly on post-hike activities related to this and progress on the documentary.’

Mike Hanson


6 Responses to “Summary”

  1. Bob Nemeth Says:

    Good luck on your new venture, Mike. Just curious, but where did you get off the trail?

  2. lisa Says:

    Thank you for the update! Good luck on the business venture!

  3. Joanne Chack Says:

    Congrats to you! On both your new job and your hike. Did you ever make it through New Jersey?? sorry we missed you.

    Keep us posted on your life. I work with a totally blind 15 year old and she is extremely bright! Wants to be a computer programer and or psycologist! Love to connect with others like her to help her.

    Thanks again for all you have done to inspire us!

  4. frank Says:

    I was glad to hear that you successfully completed your hike. Best of luck with the new job. As you may know, my son is without vision, and we will be rooting for your success in the new job.
    Frank Was

  5. Patrick and Deborah Mooney Says:

    Brother Mike,

    Not sure if you remember my wife and I, our trail names are “Walkingman with Grace and Glory.” We met you early on in your hike and the last time we talked was at NOC where you had just decided to jump the Smokies. We missed you when you were at “Wood’s Hole” and we did not stop. We completed our hiker in five months, 15 March to 15 Aug. Glad all went well for you. We thought of you often when we hit a challanging section.
    Good luck on this new adventure.

  6. Linda Bardes Says:

    Can you give us an update as to what you are doing now with your new technology opportunity and if you have any further plans to do any hiking. I just read about a blind man who completed the Arizona Trail, 800 + miles. I spend about three weeks day hiking the trail last April and can appreciate just how character making a long hike is. Whether the AZ or the AT. Sorry I missed your talk at SHiFT a few months ago. Are you speaking anywhere else and has Gary finished editing the video. I want to see it!!

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