Post-Hike Update

Thank you for your continuing interest in my post-hike activities. I finished a short adventure team challenge with No Barriers USA in Colorado. Please visit for a description of the event.

We came in eighth out of thirteen teams. Unfortunately the team made a decision to use maps, as opposed to GPS. That might have cost us about two hours. Oh well.

I found a publisher for a book about my hike of the AT. I am currently working with Beavers Pond Press.

Gary has put together some videos. Both the documentary and book might come out early next year if all goes well.

We are still working on funding for a business opportunity. Given the current state of the economy, that is not surprising.

I am trying to link this blog to Face Book and other social networking sites. I will keep you updated as things progress.


2 Responses to “Post-Hike Update”

  1. Joanne Chack Says:

    Great Job. Hope to meet up with you one day. Alyssa and I are sorry we did not get to meet you in New Jersey when you were on the AT. But we will look forward to your book/movie! Alyssa is at the National Convention for the Blind this week. I am hoping she is having a ball!
    All the best with your endeavors!

  2. Chris Taylor Says:

    Fantastic! A group of blind students climbed Mt Baldy (10,000′) in Los Angeles. This is their inspiring story:

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